Our Approach


When working with small businesses we know the urge to have everything done as fast as possible. We’ve lived it, and learned from it multiple times over. Our goal is to not only function with that in mind, but to help grow your business in that same fashion.

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.” -Tim Ferriss

Our Excitement Comes From You

Being a creative and business driven at the same time is a gift and a curse. We strive to create that which astounds our customers, however most budgets don’t cover endless hours and countless iterations. Harnessing the bounds of our creative genius to fit inside the projects scope is always a game in itself. Whether we are designing your first website or jumpstarting advertising to revive the brand, the thrill of bringing new momentum to your business is what we live on!

Kirk Caudill


So much of my passion comes from having owned my own businesses outside of The Makery Company. This experience has given me a unique perspective when it comes to helping other businesses. As entrepreneurs the struggle never ceases and the way in never clear. Being able to provide a degree of guidance into deeper issues allows both of us to make real progress with out efforts. 

“Never tell me the odds…”

-Han Solo

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