Kirk Caudill is a content creator who specializes in video and photo production. He works with businesses and brands around Columbus who need to develop higher quality content for paid and organic marketing purposes.
Videographer, Photographer, Director, Editor, Columbus, Ohio, Video, Photo, Content Creator, Digital Creator, Marketing
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A full service
creative marketing agency

Our goal is to help fill in the gaps in your marketing. Consider us your partner in crime. Whether we ARE your marketing department or we are just a key part of it, we are flattered non the less!

Content is the building blocks by which we develop our emails, our websites, our social content, and our ads. There needs to be a good archive of digital assets on hand in order for any business to be able to present a cohesive brand.


Breaking down key pieces of content for different platforms is the best way to fully utilize your digital assets. These photos and videos can also be used to create your digital ads for each platform.

When we work with business owners it is our goal to understand as much about you, your business, and all the little things in between. We believe that the better we understand you, the better we can create a marketing system that fits your needs.


Much of what I do is different almost every single time! However, I’ve been around long enough to know what to expect. Reach out and I’ll get you a quote for shoots and final deliverables.


    about me

    I do truly enjoy creating content, but the people I work with is what really makes it special.  

    My background is eclectic to say the least. I was once many things: wedding photographer/videographer, web developer, brand manager, marketing director.. but I’ve always done this!